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Culture and diversity management consultancy

With focus on global Japanese business 

WHAT employees and managers do is the same the world over. HOW they do it is embedded in their tradition and culture.
~ Peter Drucker

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Tailor made programs in


  • Leadership coaching for global executives and expatriates
  • Multicultural team coaching for positive and productive collaboration


  • Generic culture training to enhance intercultural awareness, insights and competences
  • Country specific training to learn about the cultures of your interest
  • Global Leadership Development Training

Why Many Truths

If you are looking for a training or a coaching in culture and diversity management with special focus on global Japanese business which goes beyond do’s and don’ts and has lasting impact on the way participants deal with the diversities, Many Truths is the right choice.

The company name Many Truths stands for both individual and cultural diversities and we take the stance of “All are different and all are good”. With this stance, we always strive for maximum inclusion and equity in all our work. 

Meet Masako Kato

Masako Kato is the founder and the driving force behind Many Truths. Originally from Japan, she was an expatriate child and a foreign exchange student in the US.  She is now based in the Netherlands for more than 30 years. Cultural diversity always fascinated her since her youth. It became her passion and life’s work to help her clients navigate cultural diversities with positivity, open-mindedness and confidence. With her training & coaching, you will become more aware of your own cultural biases (aha moments) and the impact of cultural diversities on our perceptions, expectations and behaviors.