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We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are. 

~ Anais NIn

About Many Truths

Many Truths is a culture and diversity management consultancy. We help culturally diverse individuals and teams work together in positive and productive ways to achieve their business goals by enhancing their cultural awareness, insights and competences through Coaching and Training.  We specialize in Japanese culture and intercultural collaboration between Japanese and non-Japanese.

actiefoto Masako

Our vision and mission

The company name Many Truths stands for both personal and cultural diversities.  We value these diversities and embrace them.  We take the stance that “All are different and all are good”. We believe that we can all learn, grow and enrich our lives interacting with diverse people and cultures.  Our mission is to help our clients develop their Personal Leadership and navigate cultural diversities well based on this vision.

Masako Kato

Masako Kato is the founder and driving force behind Many Truths. Originally from Japan, she was an expatriate child and a foreign exchange student in the US.  After earning her MA in International Relations from Sophia University in Tokyo, she moved to the Netherlands.

She worked at Fujifilm in Tilburg for 16 years, before she became an intercultural trainer/coach. There she was first responsible for the Japanese expatriate services. Later she was involved in various Human Resources and Organizational Development projects such as job family, performance evaluation and compensation system building, management training program and corporate culture change on the cutting edge of the Dutch and Japanese management.

Masako Kato has extensive personal and professional experiences with people from various cultural backgrounds. Cultural diversity has always fascinated her and it has become her passion and life’s work to help others see various cultural perspectives and excel in achieving their goals in a culturally diverse environment.

Over the years, Masako Kato has delivered face to face (in-person) trainings and workshops in Europe, Japan and the US. She also delivers online trainings, workshops and coaching sessions. She conducts training and coaching in English, Dutch and Japanese.

Professional partners

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Hofstede Insights

Masako Kato of Many Truths is a member of Friends of Hofstede (

IBI (Intercultural Business Improvement)

Masako Kato is an intercultural trainer and coach for IBI.


Masako Kato is an intercultural trainer and coach for Intercultures.


Masako Kato is a professional coach for Ezra.


Thrive Partners

Masako Kato is a professional coach for Thrive Partners. 


Masako Kato is a professional coach for CoachHub.


Masako Kato is a professional coach for Bettercoach.

Professional Qualifications of Masako Kato

Professional Certified Coach (click on the badge above to see what PCC means) by the International Coaching Federation.

Certified Practitioner of Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) by the Center for Right Relationship.

Licenced Facilitator of Virtual Performance Assessment VPA® ( by Intercultures.

Certified Practitioner of the Leadership Circle Profile (TLC) by Leadership Circle.

Certified facilitator of the Intercultural Readiness Check ( by International Business Improvement.
( )

Authorized Facilitator of the Team Diagnostics™ ( )
by Team Coaching International.