The majority of our clients are Japanese multinationals with a European presence or European multinationals that do business with the Japanese. Often our client organizations comprise of many nationalities.  They come to us seeking to create more positive and productive intercultural working relationships in order to generate better business results. Our clients are individuals, teams, departments and sometimes whole organizations.

Masako Kato has worked among others for the following companies:

  • Individuals

    • Executive Culture Briefings – Culture Specific or General Culture and Diversity Management
    • Executive Coaching
    • Expatriate Coaching
    • Life Coaching
    • Generic Culture Training
    • Culture Specific Training on Selected Countries
    • Global Leadership and management development program

  • Teams

    • Multicultural (Virtual) Team Coaching
    • Alignment Coaching for Intercultural Conflicts

  • Organizations

    • Global Talent Management Solutions (GTMS)
    • Global Organizational Culture Management


In Dutch we have a saying: “If you judge, you stop watching”.

The intercultural training given by Masako Kato makes you wise and curious. This training is a must to be able to make an unprejudiced judgment in different parts of the world. Not only for the expats, but also for everybody who lives in this “small” world.

Gabrielle Rosenbaum of Hestia Expatriate Consultants

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I took an Intercultural Communication Training of Ms. Masako Kato together with a few colleague HBO lecturers Cross Cultural Management and some Japanese businessmen and also Dutch businessmen who work for Japanese companies.

She has a deep understanding in the Dutch way of communication as well as the Japanese, and gives a lot of examples of conflicts and conciliations that are from real business situations. Everyone can recognize the situations she tells. So we can now take lessons from our own experiences.

The communication exercises (having a short conversation and writing an e-mail) unveil our hidden weaknesses in our communication.

It was inspiring and exciting but also nice and cosy. We learned a lot and we laughed a lot.

Fumiko Inoue, Area manager Japan, China and South Korea of Rotterdam Business School

Meeting Masako was a joy from the first moment. Masako coached an emerging partnership which I was part of. I very much enjoyed Masako’s creative thinking, integrity, non-judgment, and how she expertly caught nuances in our system we missed.

I would highly recommend Masako as an organization and systems coach if you are looking for a professional with a 40,000 foot view!

Masako will help you transform your teams in ways few consultants can!

Kathy Hay, ORSCC, CPCC, PCC Teamswork – Inspiring Authentic Leadership

Resources or References

  • Hofstede “ Engineers’ Odeyssy”: A video about  “The life and work of Geert Hofstede” Watch the trailer here.

  • GTMS Brochure

  • TED Talk Fernando Lanzer: Watch how an itim consultant talk about the culture here.

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