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We are all unique and we are all typical 


The majority of our clients are Japanese multinationals with a European presence or European multinationals that do business with the Japanese. Often our client organizations comprise of many nationalities.  They come to us seeking to create more positive and productive intercultural working relationships in order to generate better business results. Our clients are individuals, teams, departments and sometimes whole organizations.

Executive Briefings on Culture and Diversity Management

For busy executives, Many Truths provides tailor-made briefings on Culture & Diversity Management from country specific culture briefing to intercultural leadership development. This is a personalized program full of condensed information from a couple of hours to one-day. It can be followed-up by executive coaching sessions.

Executive Coaching

Many executives work across cultures and lead multicultural teams. Our executive coaching helps them develop their intercultural leadership competences. We assess their strengths and pitfalls in doing business across cultures, support them with setting the developmental objectives and help them become more effective in doing international business and leading culturally diverse teams by offering new perspectives and encouraging new behavioral patterns.

Diagnostic tools:

Expatriate Coaching

Expatriates and their families face various challenges in different stages of expatriation; from pre-departure phase at home, honeymoon, culture shock and adjustment phases in a new country to reverse culture shock phase after returning to their home country. Expatriate coaching helps expatriates normalize and make sense of their expat challenges and take charge of both their professional and personal lives.

Diagnostic tools:

Life Coaching

Our coaching is not limited to work-related topics. We work with whatever the topics clients may have at this moment in their lives. We are, after all, the same person at work and in private. And if you are stuck somewhere in your personal life, it will show up in your work as well. We offer special tariffs for private clients.

Generic Culture Training

Many Truths designs and delivers tailor-made in-company intercultural training for more effective collaboration and teamwork across cultures. This training mainly consists of the following components:

  • Intercultural awareness
  • Insights into the hidden cultural drivers behind our behaviours and practices
  • Cultural Competences to navigate intercultural business environment
  • Respectful and inclusive intercultural mind-sets

Culture Specific Training on Selected Countries

Many Truths is specialized in Training on the collaboration between Japanese and non-Japanese:

  • Working more effectively with the Japanese for non-Japanese
  • Working more effectively with Europeans, Americans, Asians, etc. for the Japanese
  • Working more effectively together for a mixed group of Japanese and non-Japanese

Many Truths also offers other culture-specific training (e.g. African cultures, South American cultures) together with the country experts of Hofstede Insights Network.

Many Truths also offers other culture-specific training (e.g. African culture, South American culture) through its network of itim international consultants.

Global Leadership and management development program

Many clients have their own leadership development programs based on their corporate philosophy, leadership profiles and competences.

Many Truths complements these programs with Intercultural Leadership Modules. In these modules, leaders learn how to translate and embed the global corporate leadership profiles and competences of their company in various countries.

We also provide standalone Intercultural Leadership Competences development programs. 

Diagnostic tools: