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IDIC (infinite deversities in infinite combinations) 

~ From Star Trek


Multicultural (Virtual) Team Coaching

We all work and produce results in relationship with others and often in teams. High performing teams are the motors of an organization. And more and more teams are culturally diverse, virtual and project-based.  It is essential for all of us to be able to work effectively in multicultural teams upfront.

Multicultural Teams are potentially more creative, innovative and produce better solutions for complex problems than mono-cultural teams do as they can use all the diverse perspectives in the teams. But they can realize their full potential only when conscious and intentional efforts are made in the forming, storming and norming process in the beginning.

Multicultural (Virtual) Team Coaching facilitates and accelerates this team development process. We work with the necessary ingredients of a high performing team such as psychological safety, clear shared goals and objectives, clear roles and responsibilities of team leaders and members and trust building among team members.

Coaching will help the clients make culturally sensitive implicit (unconscious) expectations explicit (conscious). It helps them become more aware of the impact of their “good” intentions on team members from various cultural backgrounds. Building on this awareness, client teams will align different expectations and design Culturally Sensitive Team Agreements that work for all the members. During the coaching process, teams will regularly revisit Team Agreements and work on the various challenges of teamwork as they emerge.

Diagnostic tools:

Global Leadership Development Training

Many clients have their own leadership development programs based on their corporate philosophy, leadership profiles and competences.

Many Truths complements these programs with Intercultural Leadership Modules. In these modules, leaders learn how to translate and embed the global corporate leadership profiles and competences of their company in various countries.

We also provide standalone Intercultural Leadership Competences Development program.

Diagnostic tools:

Alignment Coaching for Intercultural Conflicts

It can happen that business partners from different cultural backgrounds find themselves in a complex conflict situation and they seem not be able to resolve it by themselves. We help the clients in such a situation with Alignment Coaching. It helps the people involved in conflicts become more in alignment with each other by defining their common objectives. When the business partners find their common objectives and are willing to resolve conflicts together without blaming each other, they are likely to be able to resolve the conflicts.
(This is an ORSC tool by CRR Global

Generic Culture Training

Many Truths designs and delivers tailor-made in-company intercultural training for more effective collaboration and teamwork across cultures. This training mainly consists of the following components:

  • Intercultural awareness
  • Insights into the hidden cultural drivers behind our behaviours and practices
  • Cultural Competences to navigate intercultural business environment
  • Respectful and inclusive intercultural mind-sets

Country Specific Culture Training

Many Truths is specialized in Training on the collaboration between Japanese and non-Japanese:

  • Working more effectively with the Japanese for non-Japanese
  • Working more effectively with Europeans, Americans, Asians, etc. for the Japanese
  • Working more effectively together for a mixed group of Japanese and non-Japanese

Many Truths also offers other culture-specific training (e.g. African cultures, South American cultures) together with the country experts of Hofstede Insights Network.