Many Truths is a culture and diversity management consultancy with a special focus on global Japanese business. We help Japanese business people and those who work with the Japanese to achieve their business goals more effectively together by enhancing the intercultural competences of individuals, teams and organizations through coaching, training and consulting.

Most of our work is tailor-made, but here is an overview of our services.

Overview of Many Truths services

Global Talent ManagementServices_global talent

  • Global Talent Assessment & Development Centre

  • Leadership Development Across Cultures

  • Executive Coaching

  • Expatriate Coaching

Global Teamwork

  • Multicultural (Virtual) Team Coaching

  • Alignment Coaching for Intercultural Conflicts

Global Culture & Diversity Management

  • Organization Culture Integration after global M&A

  • Organizational Culture Management for Higher Performance

  • Organizational Culture Management for Diversity, Inclusion and Innovation

  • Executive Briefing on Specific Culture and Culture & Diversity Management

Generic Culture Training

  • Intercultural awareness & insight

  • Intercultural competence development

  • Personal Leadership across cultures

Culture Specific Training

  • Working more effectively with the Japanese – for non-Japanese

  • Working more effectively with Europeans, Americans, Asians, etc. – for the Japanese

  • Coaching

    • Executive and expatriate coaching to develop leadership competences across cultures.
    • Multicultural team coaching to enhance positivity and performance.

  • Training

    • Generic culture training to enhance intercultural awareness, insight and competences.
    • Country specific training to deepen the understanding of the culture of a target country.

  • Consultancy

    • Consulting on aligning organizational culture with its strategy
    • Consulting on capitalizing on cultural diversity for increased organizational effectiveness

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