Executive Coaching

Many executives work across cultures and lead multicultural teams. Our executive coaching helps them become more successful by identifying their strengths and pitfalls in doing business across cultures. We enable them to become more skilful in motivating and leading people from different cultural backgrounds.

Diagnostic tools:

Expatriate Coaching

Expatriate coaching addresses the specific challenges expatriates face during the different phases of expatriation; from pre-departure, first excitement, culture shock, finding one’s own way in the new country to going home or moving to another destination. The coaching helps expatriates normalize and make sense of their experiences and take charge of their lives.

Diagnostic tools:

Life Coaching

Our coaching is not limited to work-related topics. We work with whatever topics clients may have at any moment in their lives. We are, after all, the same person at work and in private. And if you are stuck somewhere in your personal life, it will show up in your work as well. We offer special tariffs for private clients.

Multicultural (Virtual) Team Coaching

As companies globalize, multicultural teams are becoming ever more frequent. Team members often operate from different locations and may be spread over the globe. You may never have met some of your team members and will not have much time for the classic team-building process of “Forming, storming, norming and performing”.

Multicultural teams are potentially more creative, innovative and can produce better solutions to complex problems than mono-cultural teams. But they can only achieve their full potential when sufficient efforts are put into the forming, storming and norming process in the beginning.

Multicultural (Virtual) Team Coaching facilitates and accelerates this forming, storming and norming process. We work on the necessary ingredients of a high performing team; such as clear shared goals and objectives, clear roles and responsibilities of team leader and members, trust building among team members and drafting team agreements in a multicultural context.

We help clients make culturally determined implicit (unconscious) expectations explicit (conscious). Then we can align different expectations and design team agreements that work for all its members.

In the regular follow-up sessions, we fine-tune team agreements and work on the various challenges of teamwork as they show up in the process.

Assessment tools:

Alignment Coaching for Intercultural Conflicts

It can happen that business partners from different cultural backgrounds get themselves into a complicated conflict situation that they cannot resolve. We help clients in such a situation using a method called Alignment Coaching. Alignment Coaching helps the relationship between the people involved in the conflict to become more in alignment by finding their common interests. When the partners find these common interests and are willing to resolve conflicts together without blaming each other, they are much more likely to resolve the issues in order to satisfy their interests. (This is a tool of ORSC)

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