Generic Culture Training

Many Truths designs and delivers tailor-made in-company intercultural training for more effective collaboration and teamwork across cultures. This training mainly consists of the following modules:

  1. Develop intercultural awareness

  2. Increase insight into the hidden cultural values behind management practices

  3. Develop competences to be more effective in intercultural traffic

  4. Develop an intercultural mind-set as a way of life

Culture Specific Training on Selected Countries

Many Truths is specialized in the following 2 Culture-Specific Training modules:

  • Working more effectively with the Japanese – for non-Japanese

  • Working more effectively with Europeans, Americans, Asians, etc. – for the Japanese

Many Truths also offers other culture-specific training (e.g. African culture, South American culture) through its network of itim international consultants.

Global Leadership and management development program

Many companies have their own leadership and management development programs based on their corporate philosophy, their own set of competences and leadership profiles.

Many Truths complements these programs with an intercultural management module, – as preferred and accepted leadership styles vary across cultures.

We also provide a “Leadership Across Cultures” program that focuses on intercultural leadership skill development.

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